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Throughout the school-year WWA hosts an abundance of all-school events. 

To learn more about some of our events please select from the menu below.

Field Day

Each fall, around the third week of September, our school holds a building-wide field day for our students.  Students compete in a variety of competitions which promote many of our school values. 


Parents, grandparents, and siblings are welcome to come and support their student if they would like to. Just a friendly reminder that the activities and snacks are for WWA students only. While we love to have siblings come to support, they cannot participate, and must remain on the sidelines.   

Talent Show

During the second week of March we traditionally hold a school talent show.  Auditions are held at the beginning of March, with dress rehearsals occurring the night before our show time.

Talent Show 2022 - Amazing Talent
Talent Show 2022 - Humorous Skits
Talent Show 2022 - Stand Up Comedy
2022 Talent Show - Gymnastic Routines
2022 Talent Show - Piano Performers

This is an awesome family event open to all students and talents, however big or small.  Keep a eye out for information in our Wildcat Weekly as we get closer to March.

Art Show

Our incredible Art Teacher, Mrs. Fingland, always puts on an amazing Art Show that coincides with our Book Fair during Spring.  Each year she somehow tops her previous shows and showcases an extraordinary collection of student artwork.  Students, staff, and our community are invited to view the showcase and provide feedback on student artwork. 

During our family night showcase you can earn a percentage off of Book Fair sales for attending the show.  Stay tuned for more information as the event approaches.

Science Fair

Middle School Plays

This previous February Mrs. Linton, our Music Electives Teacher, put on another fantastic musical with her Middle School students.  This year's performance was Moana Jr.  From set design, to inspiring performances from our students, it was truly a memorable event.  Mrs. Linton, her students, and numerous volunteers work hard to put on these shows and for that we're truly thankful.

Each year's Musical is a closely guarded secret.  Who knows what she has in store for us this year!?

Bully Prevention Carnival

Every year our Dean of Students, Mrs. Grigsby, puts together a Bully Prevention Carnival to support our anti-bullying prevention program.  This year's carnival is schedule to be help on November 10th.

The bully prevention team at WWA has one main goal – to create a school where every student feels safe. To that end, we searched for a support program that can be used school-wide to help every child, teacher, and parent know how to recognize bullying and help put an end to it. After piloting several programs school-wide and careful consideration, the bully prevention team implemented a school-wide bully prevention program in the fall of 2007. The program chosen, The Olweus Bully Prevention Program, is more than a classroom curriculum, rather it is a multi-level, multi-component school based program that is designed to prevent or reduce bullying at elementary, middle, and junior high schools.

PTO Fundraisers

On October 20th, 2023 PTO will host our annual PTO Fun Run where we raise funds for a variety of school projects.  Our school is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated team of amazing PTO representatives who consistently raise the bar of expectations.

Funds raised from the Fun Run support our teacher discretionary funds (TDF) which are used in each classroom allowing teachers to purchase much needed supplies specific to their grade-level.

The funds are also used around school for a variety of other projects, including playground funding, technology & arts needs, after-school activities and more.  We hope to see you there!

Spelling Bee

Another important school-wide event is our annual Spelling Bee.  The in-class challenges occur during the 1st week of December with the finals being held in our Gym shortly thereafter.  This is always a competitive event and we have some amazing spellers here at WWA.  Our students routinely qualify for our State Spelling Bee and have placed quite well in the past.  

2022/23 Qualifiers and Champion Woz!

Fall Festival

If you've ever been to our school for the Fall Festival then you know our staff goes all out to excite and amaze our student body.  From our infamous Middle School decorations to the outlandish and well-organized costumes of our administrative and teacher staff, this is certainly a fun school-wide event.

This event runs in conjunction with Halloween, and will be held this year on October 27th.  Parents and families are invited to visit for the parade as well as the afternoon parties held in the elementary classrooms.

Book Fair

Our book fair is run annually by our Media Specialist, Mrs. Stillman.  

This year's book fair will be held on April 12, 2024.  Mrs. Stillman also hosts a chili cookoff and car show in conjunction with this awesome event!  Information about these events will be posted in our Wildcat Weekly as we approach April.


Funds raised by the book fair go directly back to our students and classrooms with new books for the media center and classroom libraries.  It's an incredible event and we are lucky to have such a dedicated staff member like Mrs. Stillman!

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